4 methods to do your GST search


Not all people understand what GST number format or letters specify and that limits how they use the resource. There are a lot of guides on how you can make your GST search online today. The merits you stand to gain include verifying the authenticity of GSTIN with ease. This is an invoice that is handwritten but can be checked for validity with ease. You can also protect yourself from connecting with fake GSTIN vendors among other uses. By considering GST registration lookup, here are a few methods you can use to do your search.


You can apply for the GST search tool on the official website to ascertain the GST registration status of tax payer. By checking the status, you have to find out whether the tax payer has been registered or not. To do this you should access your GST portal at gov.gst.in which will lead you to the GST homepage. It is from there that you can locate your search tab to use for the tax payer whose details are being checked. The search results will give you details like date of registration, the trade name, name of the business, taxpayer type and status and business constitution.


One can do their PAN search on GST network by going to the GST homepage and choosing download tax tab from the drop down you get after choosing search tax tab. You should choose the PAN search option which will direct you to the page of the taxpayer you are checking out. Once you fill in the PAN section, you should fill the captcha and wait for the details you are looking for on your screen. This search system helps reduce confusion and atbest encourage transparency by making sure that your clients always give you the right details for serious transactions that you may be having.


You can use GST to find out the business name, trade, the GSTIN/UIN status and the date of registration of a user. You should also know that the business name used in the registration might be completely different from the official name. You can find out all these details if you do your search at gst.in. that will direct you to the official GST homepage. On the PAY TAX tab, you can choose the search tax tab to do your taxpayer search on the GST network.

Name At the moment you are limited to do GST search by name although this was initially possible. On the search box, you key in the PAN of the taxpayer that is registered or use their GSTIN. As a business, you should verify the GST ID before you administer any services and clearly search by name was a simpler option before it was scrapped from the portal. If you however verify that the GST number you are given is listed on the official website for the right payments to be sent to the right people.