Ideas For 3D Printing: 11 Cool Things to 3D Print When Bored


Nowadays, 3D printing has become one of the most popular phrases among graphic artists and designers. 3D model developers often print their creations to store them as models or representations of their innovative sense. 

Now, what to do with a 3D printer when you get bored? Here’s the answer for you. This article will guide you to find out what to print with a 3D printer when you’re free. You will get an idea of some cool things to 3D print during your spare time.

1. Leverage Cars With Balloons & Toy Helicopters

This fascinating object is a car that can be propelled by pressurized air. Not the kind that takes you on a trip, but a toy that will keep the kids occupied and likely pique their interest in linear elastic fracture fundamentals. 

It is a simple yet amusing concept for 3-dimensional artwork and configuration ( or ideas for 3D printing )that can be displayed quickly. You can access and update the prototype by following the previous section using any application. 

Gliding gadgets have been around for a pretty long time. However, they can still be custom-made whenever someone is in a bind and requires anything to carry color and delight back into their lives. 

They are suitable for both youth and adolescents. Pull the button, and the glider will zip straight up in the air. It will never stop amusing you.

2. Poly Panels & Yoyo:

The 2nd one on this list is an entertaining and delightful plan! Poly panels, which are intimately designed based on 3D printing, allow users to create components of the preference by entering sections around each other. 

Consider implementing one with your 3D printing machine with a 3D character trait that makes it possible to create everything you want. Another benefit is that you can substitute any lost or damaged fillets and generate more in various colors. 

A further concept relating to relaxation 3D printing exists. Return to your childhood memories. Consider a fidget spinner! Yoyos have been around for centuries. They’re a straightforward toy made up of two discs attached by an axle and a chain wrapped around the wheel. 

One of the best ideas for 3D printing is to get into it. Additional functionality, such as lighting, can be modified to make the gadget more refined.

3. Tiny Octopus & Infinity Cube in Cell Printing Style:

Cell 3D printing is considered one of the most popular and widely accepted contemporary forms of three-dimensional printing technology. Cellular bioprinting or 3D bioprinting digitalization begins with a model approach reconstructed layer by layer out of a biomaterial, frequently blended with living tissue or planted with molecules after the pattern is completed. 

These initial features can arrive almost anywhere, such as a computer-generated design (CAD) program or online file. The cell 3D criterion document is then supplied into a slicer, which is specialized computer software that analyses the geometric characteristics of the prototype and creates a progression of exchanging sheets, or cutlets, that when stacking up perpendicularly from the pattern of the actual frame.

A popular post discussed how the octopus continues to surprise us. The animal is said to have multiple hearts and blue plasma. The post discussed how intellectual an octopus seems to be. Most outstanding ideas for 3D printing can be formulated as a miniature duplicate of this magnificent animal and, of course, can be printed in various colours. If you want to push your printers to their limits, try printing an infinitely large cubic shape. 

Nonetheless, you should be ready for this workout since it could last several hour shifts. In other phrases, creating this unlimited object will put your perseverance to the assessment, but don’t worry, it’ll be a considerable amount of fun.

4. Double-Stoned Whistle & Miniature Stands : 

Are you looking for the best creative ideas for 3D printing? Then, go for a whistle!

A whistle can indeed be helpful when brainstorming 3D bioprinting concepts. Whistles are used in outdoor sports or to alert others in the event of an emergency. This notable buzzer is created by maestro technology and can produce two different intonations. It can be constructed of wood, PLA, or ABS. 

Floor holds are being used to convey messages to the public, such as those we see in crowded locations now and then, informing us about illegal parking, as a floor stand might indeed interpret “No parking.” 

So, people can customize a miniature version and locate it on a desk to offer advice like “write a message” or “gone for a snack,” for instance. This form of example can be found on many 3D printing websites.

5. Ocarina & Gear Rollers:

You can print an Ocarina with multiple gaps to produce sound with three-dimensional printing technology. With a 3D-printed 12-hole Ocarina, you can perform melodies and develop a soundtrack. 

It is not a prevalent percussion style, but it is very primitive and famous in Chinese culture. Ancient Chinese used to play and perform this instrument called ‘Ocarina’ while celebrating their renowned festival of lights. In their spare time, various highly skilled and professional three-dimensional printer designers, developers, and architects have used this type of idea for 3D printing. 

If you are perplexed and require additional assistance, you can effectively facilitate a Google search to obtain more transparent and precise information. 

3D printing technology produces the gear as an element compiled around each other. Printing an equipment collection effectively removes the burden of organizing one after the multiple materials. Consequently, the strain of constructing gear components is no longer present.

6. Thin Man with Low Poly Mask:

Individuals can wear this shield to a theme party, Festival, or anywhere else when they want to disguise themselves. The material is made up of geometric shapes, as the name implies. If you’re a Game of Thrones admirer, you’ll recognize this as the shadowy guy, Valar Morghulis. 

Creating a thin man does not fall into boring or bad 3D printing ideas. Humans are amazing! Look in the mirror; we enjoy recreating ourselves. The majority of 3D printers and designers are intelligent and talented, as are their masterpieces. 

Many individuals develop and hang thin men on their laptop screens or household equipment. Three-dimensional skinny men are a classic look that does not necessitate any assistance.

7. Spinner & Flip Text:

Spinners have almost always been the favorite toy. It’s an adolescent emotion that facilitates us by collecting memories. It can be one of those lovely ideas for 3D printing. Fidget spinners are comparatively tiny spinning toys that look like different geometric forms. 

Experienced 3D artists create stunningly designed 3D models of budget spinners. It can be published rapidly and effortlessly. It is a ubiquitous toy, despite its simplicity. It relieves anxiety and has been spoken to assist people with special needs in concentrating and those who are easily frightened. 

Text written on various planes to create the illusion of change is known as flip documents or items. These prints have a fantastic and marvelous quality that performs on the unwitting viewer’s viewpoint. They are being used to capture the imagination of a buddy or as a decorative material for the residence.

8. Windy Cars & Miniature Pokemon Goodies:

Pokemon used to be that one cartoon show which was the most commonly watched TV show for kids after Tom & Jerry. Many elders who have grown to love this show watch it on TV. Collecting Pokemon things or goodies was the favorite hobby of many teenagers and youngsters. 

Now you can easily make this with 3D technology. Pokémon is one of the prominent comic characters. Have you ever craved a comfortable collection for your assortments? Now, you can print the special Pokemon box for your Pokémon card anthology! The box itself is a fashionable composition, befitting for this great objective.

On the other hand, you can create a tiny toy automobile that vows to excavate adolescence recollections. It comprises some portions that can be issued individually and then compiled after putting it out without using glue. Be ready for a memory rush while developing the rotations and fractions of a windy car. Isn’t it one of the most cherishing ideas for 3D printing?

9. Puzzle Style Plane:

This jet’s components must be reproduced separately and then constructed. It is possibly why it is a riddle plane in the first place. Ferromagnetic materials hold these components around each other. 

Please realize that this item is unsafe for kids under three because the magnetic poles can separate from the sections and cause severe damage. The components should be thoughtfully bonded to the pockets provided in the configuration before the portions can be assembled to form the jet.

10. Replica/of Segmented Bots:

Miniature arts have been trendy and fascinating in art and creation. 3D printing is not beyond that! It’s also a dynamic portrayal of three-dimensional concepts. Making replica models and printing is considered one of the most distinguished and aesthetic ideas for 3D printing. 

These segmented replicas are relatively small; an expressed bot could be used as a toy or adorn the office environment. It is envisioned as a miniature version of an automaton with intelligent eyes that pop out. 

It’s an excellent personalized gift for those interested in intelligent machines or computer sciences. These layout files can be downloaded from Google or any other browser.

11. Plastic Town Bricks!

These are named Lego bricks. These bricks have a sort of plastic-type surface. The fun fact here is that these bricks can attach without the help of a glue tightening paste. 

I’m sure you have also played with these bricks as a child. Now reminisce the memories by making a 3D print of these bricks in your spare time.

Once you have the 3D models of the above designs, you can import them to STL editors like SelfCAD and modify them based on your needs and 3D print.