3 Ways to Use Your Office Space to Help Your Recruiting


When recruiting new hires, we think a lot about the ways they should impress us. But, once you have the perfect candidate for the job, it’s important to impress them too.

There are plenty of ways to make your company appealing. One underexplored avenue is your office space.

Your space represents your company and gives potential hires insight into its culture. Their opinion on the office has the power to sway their opinion accepting an offer.

While interviewing, candidates want to be able to envision themselves working in your space day-to-day.

Most employees prefer to spend at least some of their time in the office.

This article will outline how to best present a desirable space during recruitment, enticing top talent to your company.

1. Learn What Candidates are Searching For

When considering their next career move, candidates think about both location and office layout.

No one enjoys a long commute. People understand that the more time they spend traveling to and from work, the less downtime they’ll get to enjoy. Transportation can also be expensive.

That’s why candidates are attracted to opportunities closer to their homes. As a recruitment manager, you can’t change where your company is located. But, you can use your office’s proximity to grocery stores, shopping centers, and other attractions to interest candidates in the space.

While you may not have total control of your office location, much more can be done with the layout of the space to appeal to prospective recruits.

In a survey conducted by Clutch, people preferred a wide variety of spaces in an office. Personal space is the most important to individuals.

Think about the types of spaces you offer employees: Do they allow for private, quiet work? Are they open, encouraging collaboration?

Try to cultivate an office environment that provides both to appeal to candidates seekinga diversity of in-office experiences.

2. Reference Your Space into to Your Recruitment Pitch

While companies want to meet all employees’ needs, you have to work with what you have.

Not all offices are close to a candidate’s’ home, nor can you control if your office offers no open space. And you certainly don’t have the power to change that during the hiring process.

However, every office has something to interest new hires. Consider you can integrate the space your office offers as part of your recruiting process.

Location, for example, is among the most important attributes of a workspace for employees.

If your office is not convenient for commuting, though, there are still ways to stand out to prospective hires.

Consider a work-from-home policy or commuter reimbursement benefits. This communicates to candidates that you care about your employees and are attuned to their preferences.

If your office is in a desirable location, take full advantage of that and showcase it during the recruitment process. Coordinate team lunches, outings, and activities with your teammates. Build a collaborative office culture. Sharing your office location and how you cater to employee preferences can impress candidates.

3. Seek Insight From Current Employees

Everyone was a candidate at one point. All of your current employees, especially newer hires, are great resources in your effort to appeal to top candidates.

Those working for your company now all chose it over other opportunities. Ask them what drew them to your office space.

What do they like about the office space? What was communicated to them in the recruitment process?

Make sure to collect internal feedback to drive improvement in your recruitment efforts.

Impress Candidate with Your Space

After taking the time to learn about employee office space preferences, understand the advantages of your own space, and gather feedback from your current employees, you’re ready to wow prospective hires with your office.

Whether you’re offering a coveted location and accommodating office layout or leveraging a benefits policy to account for employee preferences, candidates will be impressed by the effort you put into offering a unique, quality work environment.