Places to Buy Ready Made SEO Content – Blogs & Articles


Content is king in organic search marketing. No, we don’t say that. Industry experts from around the world recommend focusing on content rather than building backlinks for your website.

When it comes to content writing, many marketers struggle to find quality content writers or copy-writer for their website, blog, or magazines. Sourcing reliable and quality content becomes easy and cost-effective when you have plenty of options to choose from.

Content market places are leading the way in content sourcing where you can buy or sell content (Blogs, articles, or web-page content) to find quality content for your organic marketing campaigns.

Here’s the list of content market-places


DotWriter is the leading market-place when it comes to buying or selling content (blogs or articles). This website is an extremely good option for both content writers and marketers. Anyone, who wants to make money from writing can join this platform where a marketer can source and buy quality content for SEO or other activities.

Constant Content

Constant Content

Constant Content comes second in our list. Just hit your content keyword in the beautiful search option or go through the categories to discover blogs and articles of your choice.

Content Gather

Content Gather comes third in our list. You can simply browse content according to your content choice and preference. Simply, go browse the content category, buy the existing articles, or order custom one.


Content is not something that comes ready-made or being produced in factories but we human creates it. Content decides whether your marketing efforts will be fruitful or go in vain. So, be wise while you buy SEO articles or blogs from any marketplace.