21st Century Trends: 5 Ways Modern Technology Can Help You Streamline Your Business


Regardless of the industry, technology is a huge part of making businesses work. From the office to the warehouse, most aspects of business operation are managed and maintained by technology. 

With that said, what are the most common ways modern technology is used to streamline businesses in the 21st century? Let’s explore these exciting – and often money-saving – tech advancements!

1. Virtual Offices

Since the start of the pandemic, many businesses have turned online, allowing their employees to work remotely from home. This shift to a remote working model demands a way to manage the people who are working from home while also providing them with a central place to collaborate. 

This has led to virtual offices becoming more popular than ever before. They provide employers with an easy way to track and manage their employees while providing a central platform for meetings and collaboration. As a result, many employers are saving money on overheads and ensuring their employees are staying happy, healthy, and safe as they work from home. 

2. VoIP for Customer Service

Gone are the days when employees needed to huddle around a landline phone to answer customer service calls. These days, thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), workers can answer customer service calls right at their desks on their computers. VoIP is cheaper than a landline, and it allows for better control of the call. Adopting VoIP for customer service support not only saves businesses money but greatly improves the overall customer experience. 

3. Inventory Management via Technology

Nothing frustrates a customer more than ordering a product only to be told it’s out of stock afterward. This is a problem of the past with today’s modern inventory management technology. Now, when a customer orders a product, they can see in real-time if the item is in stock. This saves time and hassle on everyone’s part. 

Whether you set it up in your head office or take advantage of what’s provided by your fulfillment warehouse, inventory management software can make automatic orders based on stock counts and sales data. This is a huge time-saver for busy companies because it allows workers to focus on more important things, knowing their most popular sellers are always in stock. 

4. Making Online Shopping Easier

Again, since the pandemic, online shopping has become a preferred way to buy for many people. This is good news for the companies that already have an online shopping portal. For those that don’t yet, you’ll inevitably need to embrace the transition to continue to succeed.

Thankfully, modern technology makes providing an easy, smooth online shopping experience a simple task for even the most technologically challenged individual. In fact, you don’t have to do it yourself as there are experienced companies out there who specialize in building business websites specifically for online sales. 

5. Real-Time Analytics

A big part of doing business is tracking sales, figuring out target audiences, and ensuring you’re meeting your customers’ needs. This used to be a tedious and time-consuming process as everything had to be tracked manually. 

These days, company sales and customer information can be captured and tracked in real-time. With just a few clicks, any staff member can look at which products are selling best, how many products have been sold, and who bought said products. This technology is priceless as it delivers a wealth of information that would otherwise be hard to track and manage. 

Technology is endlessly changing the way we do business. From allowing workers to do their jobs remotely to providing real-time analytics, modern technology continues to streamline today’s business world.