10 Ways To Enhance Your Business With Mobile Technology

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Smartphones have entered into our daily lives in ways that couldn’t have been imagined until about a few years ago. Whether it’s for live updates on technology or for our daily dose of entertainment, we turn to our mobiles for every little thing during the day.

What would be great though is if we could use this revolutionary technology to serve us better than become increasingly dependent, rather addictive to it for all the wrong reasons?

Fast and steady business growth: how mobiles can help

With efficient use of these mobile technology trends, businesses can now seep into every household in no time.

  • Mobile banking: Necessity not a luxury

Gone are the days when you’d thank your stars if a business enterprise offered the facility of paying them via mobile banking. Now it is only in the best interest of every business entrepreneur (big or small) to add this feature. Not only is it highly convenient to the customer (in cases where the credit card may not work), it also speaks well of you as a business that works with customer interests in mind.

  • Enter every phone, every household with an app

It’s possibly the best way to reach your customers where they exactly are – on their phone, tablet or iPad. Create a mobile app for your business; even a web version that can be viewed on the mobile too. If you can create an app such that it can resize itself to fit any device screen, you’ve hit the jackpot. Better viewing means better customer response. Don’t let your app get lost in the crowd. Keep the interface simple, easily navigable and user-friendly.

  • Expand your customer base with QR codes

Where you may fail to reach every single target customer, your QR codes can. They can help more people get in touch with your business. A handy QR code that leads a prospective customer to download your mobile app or visit your online store for further details is literally job half done and well done indeed.

  • Simplify managing your business with countless apps

Forget manual mundane tasks involving huge staff, time and money. Routine stuff like time management, task allocation and scheduling, customer support, raising invoices, maintaining accounts, and much more can be done on your mobile itself, thanks to the specific apps designed for these purposes that can simplify things in no time. Channelize your time and effort into more productive, profit-yielding tasks.

  • Act fast, respond faster, gain results even faster

The new-age business mantra says fast and steady wins the race. Launch your product later, act fast and tell the whole world about it first via social media. Be prompt in responding to customer queries, feedback, even brickbats.

  • Engage your audience with mobile videos

Videos work better than text. Create a small video that talks about your business line, your product and about you as a company and float it on social media. The more engaging and unique it is, the more likes and shares it will garner in no time.

  • Keep your customers informed

If you’re a small business, it’d be really useful to let your customers know of new product arrivals, discounts/sales on offer, etc. A simple text/Whatsapp message can work wonders for you in creating a personal touch with your audience and earning their loyalty in return.

  • Flexible to adjust to individual needs

Simple things like sending some important documents to senior citizens over email or Whatsapp, considering that they may be unable to physically come over to collect it from your store, go a long way in building a long-term bond with your customers.

  • Online shopping is the new trend

Smartphones have led people to shop sitting in the comfort of their homes and businesses to reap continual profits.

  • Ensure business safety d

With no paperwork involved, mobile transactions are extremely secure and safe for both customers and businesses. Records can only be accessed by internal people on a need-to-know basis through digital security codes.

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